Dist. Magistrate Inaugurated his own haand by cropping

Sultanpur, PTI, k.k. tiwari, 22 October / District Magistrate Ravish Gupta inaugurated his own hand by cropping the paddy crop of Gata number 45 Mustakim Sut Nazir recorded in the records of Tehsil Sadar, Pargana Miranpur, Village Aflepur at 10 am today. He got a crop cutting from the revenue team of Tehsil Sadar.
The District Magistrate, by cutting the crop of paddy crop with his own hands in village Aflepur, appealed to the farmers of the district that our country is a labor intensive country. That is why there is an appeal to all of you to harvest more and more crops with your own hands, so that para (straw) animals can be used for feeding. They should also not burn residue starch in the fields.
He asked all the farmers of the district to harvest more and more crops by hand and use the straw as self-feed, and make it available in the nearest cowshed, so that the cows that live in the cowshed do not have the inconvenience of fodder. He informed that an FIR has been lodged by 02 farmers of the district against the concerned on burning stubble and against the Combine owner.

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